About Us

We’re part of the Jax family of car washes, which has been around for over 60 years and washed over 50 million cars. 

Jax Kar Wash History

Before Jax, in 1950, Jack Milen opened National Car Wash at Alfred and Woodward next to the Detroiter Hotel with partner Dave (John) Jassey. The wash was open 24 hours a day then, and the wash price was $1.

On May 12, 1954, Jack founded Jax Kar Wash. The first location was in Detroit, at 6 Mile and Meyers. The second location was opened in 1956 in Birmingham, followed by the 3rd location in 1958 at Greenfield and Schoolcraft. Since then, we have opened more locations; at one time, there were eleven. This family business has had many charity fundraisers (March of Dimes, MS, CATCH, Michigan Cancer Foundation and more).

In 1998, the Milens sold the company to a national chain that only cared about a profit and taking the company public — that never happened, and in June of 2001, Bruce Milen bought back the company.

Bruce and Tony Milen came into the Florida market in November of 2008 with the acquisition of Clear Sunset Car Wash with the simple goal to make it one of the best car washes in the state. In 2018, after acquiring many awards and accolades, Clear Sunset became Jax Kar Wash and Detail Center. This new location continues to add to the legacy of Jack Milen an early car wash innovator.


From products and services to promotions and passes, get answers to our most frequently asked questions.

We're Green

From biodegradable products to targeted washing, learn about what we are doing to make Jax Kar Wash a green car washing experience.


Did you know that at-home car washing is actually more harmful to finishes than washing at Jax Kar Wash? Learn about why it’s better to bring your car in than DIY in the driveway.


Learn why our customers love us and keep coming back to Jax Kar Wash for their wash and detail needs.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmental consciousness is the responsibility of everyone. We at Jax Kar Wash and Detail Center endeavor to leave the smallest of environmental footprints. From the products we use to the technology driving our wash mechanics to the instruction of our employees, in short, we care about Florida and the quality of life we Floridians enjoy.

Eco – Friendly Products

Although we use several different suppliers for our cleaning solutions and car wax products, each product that we select is biodegradable. In addition, our wastewater goes into the sanitary sewer, so there is no leaching of soaps into the ground, as you will find with all home driveway washing.

Eco-Friendly Technology

With an electric eye, our sophisticated computer system measures the car as it enters the car wash, and passes that information on to the rest of the equipment in the tunnel. Consequently, the water and cleaning solutions only turn on when the car is directly beneath each piece of equipment.

Eco-Friendly Water Nozzles

Our nozzles that spray the water on the vehicles are designed to focus the water into a specific spot, which increases the pressure, but reduces the volume. This allows us to maximize the effectiveness of the water.

Be Green and Safe

Getting your car washed at Jax Kar Wash is not only greener than at-home washing — it’s safer for your car too! Read about the safety of car washing at Jax Kar Wash. We’re looking for ways to do even more. We’re happy to answer your questions via email.

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