Express Detailing

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A clean car rides better.

We know your time is important to you which is why we have a Detail Service scheduler and payment system available for your convenience. Just pick an available day and time and you’re in! This way you just show up for your scheduled appointment; we make your vehicle look shiny and almost new and you’re on your way!

Auto Detailing involves a thorough reconditioning and cleaning of both the exterior and interior of a vehicle. It is a meticulous step-by-step process to restore your vehicle’s beauty, which in turn protects your investment.

Services Include:


For the Deepest Shine


Simoniz Premium Hand Wax


Interior Super Clean


Seat Cleaning


Carpet & Mat Shampoo


Packages Available


A-La-Cart Detail Items

Express Detail Services

All services in this section include a “Good” exterior wash package and a Personal Touch Interior.

For The Deepest Shine

Surface contamination removed with clay bar and finished with Simoniz Premium Hand Wax. Removing any contamination (which almost all vehicles have) will enable the Simoniz Premium Wax to bond to the smooth paint surface giving it a longer lasting shine and protection.

from $175

Jax Unlimited Club from $145

Simoniz® Premium Hand Wax

Hand applied by dual action buffer Simoniz Premium Hand Wax provides superior shine and protection

from $85

Jax Unlimited Club from $71

Interior Super Clean

Extra-thorough vacuuming, blow out all vents and crevices, clean and dress dash, doors and center console; and shampoo all mats.

from $85

Jax Unlimited Club from $71

Seat Cleaning

2 rows of seats cleaned and conditioned.

from $85

Jax Unlimited Club from $71


Complete Exterior Detail

Includes Contamination Removal, Hand Wax, Water Spot Removal, High Speed Buffing, Hand Clean Wheels, and Trim Restore. Save $140

from $275

Jax Unlimited Club from $230

Complete Interior Detail

Includes Interior Super Clean, Dog Hair Removal, Seat Cleaning and Carpet and Mat Shampoo. Save $60

from $195

Jax Unlimited Club from $162.50

Complete Interior With Wax Detail

Includes all of the above services plus Carpet and Mat Shampoo. Save $95

from $245

Jax Unlimited Club from $204

Complete Plus

Includes all of the above services plus 

Contamination Removal, Hand Wax, Water Spot Removal, High Speed Buffing, Hand Clean Wheels, and Trim Restore.

Save $197

from $375

Jax Unlimited Club from $312.50

A-La-Cart Details Items

Mat Shampoo

2 Mats $9

4 Mats $12

Dash & Door Dressing

From $15

Hand Washing

From $55

Headlight Restoration

From $50

Specialty Detail Menu

Diamond Plate by Simoniz

Utilizes Simoniz Diamond Plate a nano-ceramic polymer coating that reacts with your vehicle’s clear coat finish to form a second layer and thicker coating for added protection. Simoniz Plate has a Fully Insured 2-Year Warranty. Also included in this package is the Vision Blade by Simoniz window treatment.

from $700

Jax Unlimited Club from $630

Vision Blade by Simoniz

   The ultimate in window and windshield treatments, Vision Blade by Simoniz repels rain for remarkable improved vision. Vision Blade also provides glare reduction when it rains, especially at night.

from $35

Jax Unlimited Club from $29

Sanity System Odor and Virus Eliminator

Sanitize & Deodorize interiors including the air-conditioning unit in only 20 minutes. Keep It Green with no consumables – no residues left behind. Kills bacteria, molds, and viruses on all surfaces. Removes bad odors from smoking, food, animals, etc. 

from $50

Jax Unlimited Club from $40